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FUBIRAI: Fukuoka, Japan


      I was born in Fukuoka and I live in Fukuoka.

How did you become interested in photography? 

        The photograph was not interested at all until it was set to 30, but it becomes interesting to take a picture of a cat in a photograph, and it continues up to now.
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 Fubirai has spent several years documenting the cats on the island of Tashirojima  off the coast of Japan. In the last 60 years the human population has dwindled from 1,000 to around 100 people more than half of whom are over 65. The local people believe cats are good luck and feed them. This is an old tradition we know because long ago in the Edo period, when the fishermen were working on the beach, a rock fell and killed a cat. The fishermen buried that cat and created a small shrine which still exists today.This island has now become a kind of cat paradise and dogs are not allowed. 

When I asked Fubirai about his photographs he said


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How did you begin photographing cats?

I am not so interested in a photograph.  I am interested in the photograph taken through a cat.

Tell me a bit about the cats and how they reacted to you. Did you develop close relationships with some of them?  Tell me what attracts you to cats.
The cat is only living near people.    A special reaction does not show to me.

What is the best part about being a photographer?

I forget my work and it can just be going to become innocent.

What is the worst ?

It is in nothing worst.

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      What inspires you?  
      The accidental moment visited occasionally.  A photograph is only my hobby and is a part of my mere life.
    • What kind of pets do you have?    I protect the kitten which got damaged on the island, and am living together now.
    • What is the last wild animal you saw ?   Probably it is a kite.
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  1. Kathy

    Thank you Irene for this inspiring story on Fubirai – Oh that we might all find a path to just be going to become innocent!

  2. Banjos

    An island of cats – no dogs allowed. It has a magical quality and the photos are very appealing.

  3. Ellen

    Photos with a cat’s eye lens! Wonderful! Thank you!

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